Sewing accessories. DA-TEX Company

We manufacture and wholesale sewing accessories. Mostly for work clothes, but the assortment is quite wide and is suitable for sewing and repairing everyday clothes or military uniforms (buttons, zippers, elastic, buttons), furniture manufacturing (threads, velcro, cords), bags (belt, carabiners, frames , buckles), curtains (eyelets).

Wholesale and retail

We wholesale sewing accessories only. You need 10 jeans buttons or 2 tractor zippers - we understand and would like to help. Unfortunately, the features of storage and accounting in wholesale trade make such operations extremely difficult. But we will definitely tell you the addresses of the nearest retail stores.

Online store

You can buy sewing accessories both in our office in Kiev and Kharkov, and through the online store (order on-line), where you are now. The balances and prices on the site are updated in real time, so they are always relevant, but, in order to avoid misunderstandings, call to managers for your order details.


It includes all the main types of accessories, as well as a tool for working with grommets, threads, magnets, scissors. See an appropriate section or use a search.


Delivery in Ukraine

According to carrier tariffs


Return guarantee

14 days for return


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