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What is a cook button

It is believed that a chef's jacket emphasizes the importance of the profession and respect for it. The special cut of the product protects the chef's chest and arms from heat, hot oil and liquids. It should be double-breasted, long-sleeved and fastened with a certain number of cook buttons, usually 10.

Buttons for a chef's tunic are not accidentally placed on the uniform in two rows. This provides protection in the form of four layers of fabric. The spherical shape of the buttons also provides additional durability.

Cook's buttons are not sewn-on buttons, but rather cufflinks. They are removable and are attached to the holes on the jacket strip. This is very convenient because at the end of the shift, they can be easily removed from the clothes before washing.

It is no coincidence that a chef's button has a non-traditional design - this is due to safety requirements. The chef's button provides an opportunity to quickly remove clothes if hot oil spills on it or it catches fire. It is enough to pull the edges of the jacket in different directions. Simple buttons are too slow, and zippers or snap fasteners can jam.

The first chef's buttons were made of wood. They were also cut out of bone, covered with cloth, cast from copper and even precious metals. Today, buttons on a chef's jacket are made of heat-resistant plastics. This not only allows you to give products any color and shade, to make engraving or drawing on them, but also significantly reduces the cost of production.

Color value

Buttons for cooks are distinguished by a huge variety of colors. It is the color that reflects the level of the chef and each of them understands which chefs to buy. Traditionally, white buttons are worn by unskilled chefs or apprentices, and black buttons cooks are exclusively skilled craftsmen, usually chefs or sous chefs.

Most kitchens are comfortable with the color of the chef's buttons on the chef's uniform. The exception is corporate hotels and kitchens. Their management usually dictates a uniform policy and insists that employees wear only certain colors during shifts.

Often hotels, restaurants, cafes have a specially designed individual uniform. The open-plan kitchens are also well-known, where customers can watch the food being prepared. Many food service managers want their chefs to match the accepted image of the establishment.

Gaining popularity among chefs and personalized designs: the shape of the skull, chili peppers, etc. In some prestigious establishments, chefs prefer gold or silver buttons. Other colors include reds, blues, purples, yellows, greens, browns, blues and pinks. But most chefs still wear white or black chef's bullets.