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The edging tape is used to protect the seam by hiding it from various influences, to strengthen the fabric - relatively thin fabric can tear, while the stronger edging tape can withstand the load significantly exceeding that of the fabric. But the useful properties of the edging tape are not limited to the above.

Why do you need edging tape

We rarely think about the fact that the cut edge of the fabric will eventually become unusable, which means it needs to be strengthened. An excellent solution to this problem is the edging tape, which significantly strengthens the unprotected fabric edge. Moreover, thanks to the use of edging tape, the edges of the product look more aesthetically pleasing and neat, and ultimately the product has a finished look.

Edging tape is also widely used for decorative purposes, it gives the product style and additional attractiveness. We often find examples of its use on shoes, jackets, bags and backpacks.

External and internal

A durable, flexible and at the same time quite thin outer edging tape is indispensable in the production of clothing, workwear, shoes, belts, mattresses, bags and other accessories. It reliably hides the seam and protects it from possible damage. The color range of the edging tape is quite wide, which will make it possible to bring any designer's idea to life.

The inner edging tape is designed to close the inner seam of the product. This type of sewing accessories is widely used in sewing outerwear, work uniforms, etc. The specificity of the edging tape is that, being rather thin, soft and weaving of its fibers resembling lace, it is distinguished by high strength.

Edging tape - materials

Edging tape can consist of natural or synthetic raw materials. On our website, you can buy an edging tape made of strong weave artificial fabric fibers. It is practical, durable, has increased wear resistance and is great for tough operating conditions.


In the DA-TEX online store, the edging tape is presented in various types (external and internal), sizes (18, 23 and 32 mm), the type of weaving of fabric fibers, as well as a wide range of colors, which will allow you to choose the edging tape to match the color of the product being created. In addition, we offer our customers an optimal ratio of affordable prices and high quality products.