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Cringle universal for clothes, bags, curtains, shoes. Material of manufacture: steel or brass. Country of manufacture: China, Turkey. Payment to a bank account, card or cash. Delivery is made by postal operators.

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Why are grommets needed?

The main purpose of the grommet is to strengthen the edges of the holes in a thin material (fabric, leather, paper ...). This is especially important if a lace, braid or thread slides there regularly. This design is used to tighten bags, bags, backpacks, as a way to open /closeor to fix covers, to quickly fasten the tent, for example on vans and trucks, for lacing, adjusting the size of clothes, etc. During the movement of the cord, the edges of the holes are abraded , tremble and can quickly become worthless. A grommet is a metal or plastic washer that makes the hole steady. Washing is also not a favorable factor for the "naked" slots, especially in the tissues.

How to install grommets?

At the base, make a hole. Insert the sleeve, and on the other hand put a washer on it. Flange the edge of the sleeve on a special press. The edge of the slot is sandwiched between the sleeve stop and the washer.

A simplified version of the eyelet is a block. This is a sleeve without a washer. Fixation on the material occurs only by flaring. The block is used if you do not need high strength and reliability.


Cringles vary in size, shape and material. Typical values ​​of the eyelet's inner diameter: from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. The shape of the grommet is usually a circle, ellipse, rectangle, or rounded rectangle. The manufacturing material, as a rule, is stainless steel (the most durable and stable option, but the most expensive), brass and anticorrosion coated steel (the cheapest).


  • The initial scope of the eyelets is sails.
  • Reinforcing shoe lanyard holes.
  • Sizing clothes. It is important that the clothes fit well on the figure. Work clothing must be fitted with particular care to prevent it from catching. Fitting also contributes to thermal insulation. Cords that provide resize "ride" through the eyelets.
  • Car tents. From large wagons to small vans. A closed trunk or body has many advantages, but it is not convenient to load into it, since this must be done from the side. It’s much more convenient to load from above. That is, it is necessary that the roof is "removed". The easiest option is to cover with a strong cloth and secure with cables. At the same time, the mounting holes in the fabric are reinforced with eyelets.
  • Office. Fastening envelope flap fasteners, reinforcing “flipping” patterns, decorating and decorating.
  • Advertising banners.

Things to consider.

  • Puncture under the eyelets in elastic materials should be done a little less.
  • Brass eyelet is not designed for heavy loads and adverse conditions. Its scope is clothing and shoes. Awnings and other loaded structures, especially with galvanized cables, are a bad pair for a brass block.