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High tenacity Polyester

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Polyester is so versatile that completely different products are made from it: water bottles, clothes, carpets, curtains, bed linen, wallpaper, hoses, sails, pillow and furniture filler, as well as polyester ropes and threads.

How to do

The production is based on polyester, which can be used in the form of plastic or fibers. The latter are made from polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short. To do this, a thick sticky liquid, similar in consistency to honey, is forced out through tiny holes in a special device that resembles a shower head. This creates continuous threads of polyester. Depending on the number of holes, monofilament (one) and poly (several) are produced. They can be extruded through special shapes, resulting in different types of polyester yarn, which will differ in texture and gloss intensity.

Properties of polyester threads

  • Polyester threads are highly durable and wear resistant. They do not tear or fray, therefore they are widely used in the manufacture of work uniforms, sports equipment, seat belts, etc.
  • The fibers are bright and shiny, they are resilient, elastic, easily stretched and just as quickly, without deforming, recover after stretching.
  • Polyester threads are resistant to mildew and microorganisms, do not absorb moisture, do not lose their color and shine, and do not wear out after frequent washings with bleach.
  • They can be washed in hot water, dried in the sun and even ironed without fear, because the melting point of the material is 250°C.


Polyester threads are widely used in sewing clothes, shoes, personal protective equipment, embroidery, in the manufacture of bags, leather goods and even in surgery. They are simply irreplaceable in the manufacture of furniture, sports accessories, awnings, in the decoration of car interiors and tires.

The most commonly used threads are polyester 40. But in general, 100% polyester threads are produced in the 15-600 range. The digital value indicates the density of the fiber and the lower the value, the finer the thread and more suitable for sewing clothes. In the upper digital range, there are heavy, dense and very strong threads.

One of the key and indisputable advantages of polyester thread is its moderate cost. The online store of sewing accessories DA-TEX offers to buy polyester threads at even more favorable wholesale prices. On the site, products are presented in a wide range of colors and with different fiber densities.