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Metal buttons
Metal buttons – buy wholesale. Four holes

Metal buttons

Metal buttons with four holes for working and simple clothes, and for bags. Can become alternative for snap fasteners.

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Due to their strength, functionality and variety of designs, metal buttons are among the most popular. Metal is a tried, durable and eye-catching material. By choosing the right color and pattern, these buttons can be used on all types of clothing and accessories.

Metal buttons can be large or small, round or oval, square or rectangular, light or dark.

There are different types of metal buttons: with two or four holes, with or without a stud, as well as metal buttons on the leg, also known as jeans.

According to the material of manufacture, metal buttons can be divided into:

  • zinc
  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • iron

Brass and zinc are the most common metal buttons. Stainless steel buttons are also gaining popularity due to their resistance to rust and their relatively low cost. There are also aluminum and iron buttons on the sewing accessories market. However, the latter, the surface of which is subject to corrosion, are rarely used.

Let's take a look at the most commonly used metal buttons.

Zinc alloy metal buttons

Zinc metal buttons are high-quality fittings. They are usually used in the sewing of high-quality expensive coats, jeans, uniforms, etc. These are the most expensive metal buttons you can buy. They are made from an alloy, which mainly includes zinc and aluminum.

After injection molding, the metal buttons are polished. Burrs are removed around the edges and holes, the surface is leveled before the final galvanizing process, which strengthens the buttons, protects against rust and gives the products the desired color or shade.

Brass metal buttons

Another type of high quality copper and zinc alloy metal buttons available in a wide variety of designs. Typically used in denim, casual wear, coats, bags and so on. It is cheaper to buy metal brass buttons than zinc buttons, but they are more expensive than stainless steel buttons.

Zinc alloy metal buttons are easy to distinguish from brass buttons. Zinc is heavier, and if you scratch the electroplating, you will find that the material looks like iron. The brass buttons are lighter, with a golden tint (you can see the difference in the photo of the metal buttons).

In our store you can buy metal buttons at competitive wholesale prices.