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Plastic-molded zipper

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Plastic-molded zipper is a convenient and practical type of sewing accessories. This quick clasp is easy to install, reliable enough, and looks nice and neat with the right color. On its basis, they also make excellent design things, such as bags with huge locks or headphones that can be "unfastened".

Plastic-molded zipper is structurally similar to metal. These are two straps made of cotton or synthetic fabric, on which T-shaped teeth are successively fixed. The teeth are made of plastic.

About materials

Plastic-molded zippers are made of polyformaldehyde (POM), a material resistant to organic solvents, with high dimensional stability and low friction. Other thermoplastic polymers can also be used, such as polyethylene (PE), that is, recycled waste can be used. Buying a zippers means helping the environment.


About the name of the plastic-molded zipper

There is an opinion that plastic-formed zipper got its russian name due to its resemblance to a transport track, but most likely this is a delusion - with such a similarity one can agree with a big stretch. Rather, they meant the trace from the tractor wheel - the grooves from the tire protectors really resemble the interlocking teeth of a plastic-molded zippers.


Plastic-molded zipper is usually large in size. Plastic prongs must be at least a certain size in order to reliably hook onto each other and sit firmly on the tape. Plastic zippers usually looks massive. On an elegant suit, this, of course, is out of place, but on a winter jacket or on a large bag it looks very good.

About the usage of the zih2h2er

Who else might need to buy a plastic zipper? For example, a manufacturer of stationery cases, which often have such fasteners. In some cases, it is important that the clothing does not contain metal parts, which means that a metal zipper cannot be used. The way out in this case is quite obvious.

About sizes

Typical dimensions are determined by the typical application. For a short jacket, plastic-molded zippers of 80 cm are suitable. Of course, there are "special requirements", but for them it is better to take a rolled zipper, which is easier to cut to the desired length. If necessary, it can also be shortened to the desired size, for example, 100 cm. But, as a rule, this is not necessary - the step of changing the length is rather small and allows you to choose the desired option.

As for the size in terms of numbers, there are usually no problems here. Its value is less critical and you can take, for example, TP8 instead of TP10 without losing marketable qualities.


PM zippers, which you can buy in bulk in our online store in Kiev or Kharkov, differs in the following attributes.

Colour. Defines the design of the product. For example, for denim, a blue or black lock works well.

The size. Generally, the "rougher" the item, the higher the clasp number should be used.

Length. Usually standard for matching garments or accessories.

1 or 2 sliders. Zippers with two runners have their own specifics of use.