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Bag accessories

Accessories for the production and repair of bags in bulk. Handles, eyelets, shoulder pads. There are carbines, frames, buckles. Delivery in Ukraine by carrier companies. You can also buy at the office. Payment by bank transfer, to a card or in cash.

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Accessories for bags - the most important link in the manufacture and repair. It is also necessary for backpacks, covers, prams. With the help of accessories, parts of the product are connected, holes are strengthened, load distribution.

What are the different types of accessories for bags?

  • Handle. Plastic overlay for the handle-belt, which increases the area of ​​contact with the hand - so as not to cut the hand when a person carries a bag, especially heavy.
  • Shoulder. Designed to relieve stress, worn on the shoulder strap.
  • Puklya. Small legs for the bag. They are fixed at the bottom to prevent wear.
  • Cringle. Washer for reinforcing holes. Usually cords are threaded into it.
  • Carabiner. Belt fastener. It is made in the form of an elongated ring with an elastic detachable part.
  • Frame and buckle. Elements for adjusting the length of the strap. Usually rectangular in shape.
  • Half ring. It is attached to the bag with a belt tape, and the semicircular part serves as a place for fastening the carbine .

How does bag hardware work?

Understand dry definitions with spec. terms can really be difficult. Let’s try to explain the purpose of accessories for bags with live examples.

Cord as a backpack fastener is quite practical. Remember how at the most inopportune moment the lightning jammed and had to be torn. Another situation: the zipper was sold, but to replace it, you need to carry the bag to the workshop. With a cord, everything is simpler. It is unlikely to jam, and replacing it is a matter of minutes. But so that the lace does not tear openings, it is necessary to strengthen them. This is a task for eyelets .

Carrying a bag on your shoulder is much more convenient than in your hand. But the advantage can come to naught if the length is not chosen - we are all of different stature and physique. The solution is obvious - an adjustable strap. To do this, use frames and buckles .

How to attach a belt to a bag? You can just sew on, but then the length adjustment will not work. In addition, replacing it is quite difficult. Another thing is if the strap is fastened through the half ring and carabiner .

I don’t really want to put the bag directly on the floor. Especially on the street. You never know what they put before us! And it’s good if it is granite in the subway or linoleum. The asphalt we have is such that it can quickly bring the bottom of the bag into a sieve state. To solve this problem is simple. The hard bottom is complemented with bees - small legs.

We hope the information was useful and not too boring :)