Cotton tape
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Cotton tape

Twill tape for universal use. Color: black, khaki and severe unbleached. Size 7 - 50 mm. Made from quality cotton.

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Twill tape is a braid made of cotton up to 50 mm wide. The material may be silk, polyester or other synthetic fabrics, but cotton is used more often. A distinctive feature of twill tape is its density and strength. This is achieved through the weaving method used in its manufacture - diagonally or twill weaving, which makes the fabric strong. This method is easily recognized by the diagonal "fabric pattern."

Twill tape has a wide range of applications due to its excellent properties. Let's look at the main ways.

Areas of application of twill tape

  • Reinforcing seams. One of the main applications of the braid. This is especially important for light, delicate fabrics that simply won’t hold the seam without a stronger foundation.
  • Edging. The trimmed edge of the fabric must be strengthened. To do this, often use a keeper tape.
  • Straps for sleeves. In shirts, they often make special straps with which you can fix the rolled up sleeve.
  • Decor. There is a vast field of activity for both the hostess and the designer. Ribbons, stripes, ties ... They produce ribbons of bright colors, so there is plenty to choose from.
  • Garter. Gardeners and gardeners love to tie plants and trees with a twill ribbon. She is very good at this.
  • Printing. Ribbon folders, book bindings.
  • Electrical work. The cable is tightened with a keeper, the transformers are pulled, insulation is made (covered with special solutions). Due to its strength, it provides reliability and durability.