Plastic side release buckle
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Plastic side release buckle

Plastic side release buckle for universal use (bags, backpacks, unloading vests). There are metal side release buckles. Delivery across Ukraine by carrier companies. You can also buy at the office. Payment by bank transfer, card or cash.

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Plastic side release buckle, is a quick fastener made of polymer. It is usually used to fix the valves of bags, fastening belts, for example, in unloading vests, backpacks, but, due to its versatility, it is suitable for solving a wide range of tasks.

How are side release buckles arranged?

The plastic fastener carabiner consists of two parts: the first is a frame with stop holes, the second is a lock with elastic hooks and a guide tooth. When the parts are pushed in, the hooks are fixed in the stops and they snap into place. To open, you need to press on the hooks. When they are completely out of the holes, an opening occurs. Both parts are usually attached to belts or fabric bands. The design is quite simple and reliable, it is fast. There are plastic side release buckles with increased safety - to open, you need to press an additional lever-button. This is true for strollers, bicycle seats. Buying a plastic side release buckle does not mean purchasing a product exclusively from plastic - sometimes some parts are made of metal.

The size is usually taken as the width along the "antennae" in the free state, measured in millimeters (for example 25 mm, 50 mm) or in centimeters (for example 4 cm).

Where else are h2lastic side release buckles used?

  • Tourist equipment. In addition to the usual use in backpacks, plastic fastkes are used for attaching internal tents.
  • Children's chairs. Even in the most comfortable stroller, the child can get bored and fall out. Moreover, you need to fix the baby in a child's bicycle seat. In such situations, it is extremely important that the fastener is reliable and comfortable, so that it is possible to easily and quickly both fasten and release a child. Plastic buckle is great for this.
  • Fashion clothes. Recently, fashion designers are increasingly looking for unusual solutions. The use of accessories as functional elements of clothing instead of classic fasteners or for purely decorative purposes is becoming more and more popular.
  • Neck laces. To carry keys, badges, walkie-talkies, it is convenient to use ribbons or cords with a detachable carabiner.