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Metal zipper is a type of fastener in which the material for the teeth is metal, usually brass or nickel, although sometimes aluminum, manganese and other metals are used. Each link is attached to the braid separately - this is a piece of wire of a certain shape, clamped on the fabric. Thanks to this design, the metal zipper continues to perform its function even if several teeth fall out. Of course, the loss of operational properties will be felt, but not as much as in the event of a rupture of a spiral zipper, which stops working altogether.

The teeth are shaped like a spoon: on one side they have a notch, and on the other - a ledge. In the closed state, they enter each other, which ensures a strong connection.

IMG1 Dimples and protrusions ensure strong engagement Metal zipper - tooth profile

Scope of application of metal zipper

The features of metal zippers are due to the material of manufacture and design. It is heavier than other varieties, so it is not suitable for fine fabrics and lightweight items. Typical usage is winter and mid-season clothing made of thick materials.

The metal zipper should not come into contact with the skin - in some cases this can cause irritation allergies. It is believed that this is especially true for people with high acidity.

But it is well suited for camping equipment, bags, suitcases and shoes due to its durability and strength.

The specific appearance allows the use of zippers made of metal in design solutions. Looks very good with leather clothing, and is generally the standard for jeans. A spiral or a tractor on denim looks out of place, especially in combination with denim buttons.

Correct operation and advantages of metal zipper

The main problem with this type of fastener is that if stored incorrectly, it can jam. To prevent this from happening, long-term storage of products in a bent form should be avoided. If the zipper periodically "slows down", you need to carefully grease it with soap or paraffin, and then develop it, zipping it several times. If the lock is stuck at the most inopportune moment, first of all look to see if a thread is sticking out in the problem area, a piece of fabric is something extraneous. Zipper really "dislikes" this.

Brass zippers should not be exposed to moisture and even more aggressive chemicals - this metal has a relatively high chemical activity and, when interacting with water and other oxidants, darkens and loses its presentation.

The dog rides very smoothly and easily on a straight zipper. The "noble" appearance allows the use of a metal zipper as a decorative element. The high strength of the metal makes this fastener reliable and durable.

TABL1 Dimensions and approximate load capacity

How to buy a suitable metal zipper

First of all, you need to decide on the size: number and length. The number is equal to the width of the teeth when fastened. Also, a slider is selected by number - they have the same numbering. The color of the slider usually matches the color of the zipper itself. With the length, everything is clear: for the pockets of small bags, wallets, sizes up to 20 cm are suitable, for fasteners of outerwear, large bags, covers - more than 40 cm. It remains to choose the color of the braid and teeth and place an order!