Slider for zipper long chain
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Slider for zipper long chain

Locks for rolled zippers (sliders) with one or two sliders. Sizes from 3 to 10 (according to the size of the zipper). Delivery is carried out in Ukraine by postal operators. You can buy runners by cash or bank transfer, as well as pay by card.

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There is something magical in the slider - here the two halves of the clasp are separated and attempts to fasten them simply leaning against each other do not lead to anything. But we rode the slider ... and we can’t disconnect the zipper. And what is happening inside is not visible. In fact, there is no magic, ordinary mechanics. The slider guides simply bend the teeth of the fastener at the desired angle so that they can engage. It would be interesting to make a transparent dog so that the whole process is visible.

The second function of the slider is fixing the fastener. There are locks with special safety spikes blocking movement while the puller is lowered. Simpler models hold in place due to friction.

About sizes and types

The size of the slider corresponds to the width of the line of interlocked teeth. The same number is the size of the zipper itself. That is, the SP5 dog is designed for the same name SPiral zipper whose teeth in the closed state occupy 5mm in width. Runners of the same size for tractor zippers are usually more massive.

Sliders are pretty simple devices and classifying them would be overkill. We only note that versions with protection against spontaneous movement are called automatic . You can also select two-way sliders, in which the puller is located on both sides. This is true for double-sided clothing, locks "doors" in tents.

About the design

In general, the slider consists of the slider itself and the upper loop - this is where the puller (keychain, handle) is attached, to which the grip sometimes clings - an additional metal or fabric handle. Sometimes, in pursuit of originality, custom grips are made of toys, floppy disks, braided wire, metal figures, nuts, gears and even fishing lures.

About the name

According to the patent, this thing is called a "slider". The term "runner", apparently, came from the world of steam locomotives (the invention of the zipper occurred just in the midst of the era of steam engines). A runner pair is an additional supporting wheel in front of a steam locomotive, the movement of which along the rails is similar to fastening a zipper. The name "doggy" is most likely a joke: it runs back and forth with a puller tail and can bite.